The King´s North Zealand

National Park the King´s North Zealand is with its 25,800 hectares (260km2) Denmark's second largest national park, and 58 percent of the area is designated as Natura 2000 areas, which are particularly protected natural areas.

The National Park of the Kings of North Zealand was formally established on 29 January 2018 with the Order of the National Park of the Kings of North Zealand

These are the five municipalities Halsnæs, Hillerød, Helsingør, Gribskov and Fredensborg, which together develop and practice the National Park of the Kings of North Zealand.

Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland

The National Park of the Kings of North Zealand was formally established on 29 January 2018 with the Order of the National Park of the Kings of North Zealand

Gribskov og Esrum Lake

Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland
Gribskov og Esrum Sø

Central to the North Zealand landscape lies Gribskov and Esrum Lake as a natural core area. The lake and forest together form an area of ​​a size and with natural and experience qualities that make it unique at the national level.

Gribskov is its 5,500 hectare second largest our old forests. Gribskov's size, varied character and hilly terrain provide obvious possibilities to create great nature experiences with a more varied and more dynamic forestry.

Gribskov and National Park The Kings of North Zealand provide many opportunities for outdoor activities, especially the most sought after form For outdoor activities - The nature experience, which will be strengthened in the future, when the effects of the various initiatives in the forest begin to show. The grazing animals, the creeping birds, the mushrooms, the beautiful mosses, forest lakes and rippling streams. But also the many past and cultural memories, both in the woods and in the open country, are linked by stairs to pedestrians and cyclists.

Gribskov's primitive accommodations are linked to accommodations in walking and cycling distance from each other , both within Gribskov and outside, so the area can be experienced over several days with overnight stays..

Esrum Lake

Esrum Lake
Sunset over Esrum lake

Esrum Lake
Esrum Lake has a total of 1,736 hectares of Denmark's second largest lake. Since the establishment of a joint colony at the southernmost end of Esrum Lake, the joint has become commonplace by the lake.

Tourismen  North Zealand is with its forests, lakes, castles, beautiful hilly landscapes and urban environments as well as holiday cottages on the North Coast a highly visited tourist destination. Population density, proximity to the capital (good 30 min by train) and to Sweden enables thousands of visitors to quickly reach this larger, national natural area. Accommodation of all kinds from the primitive pitches to confortable hotels, and the large holiday cottages along the north coast, allow for longer stays.

The National Park of the Kings of North Zealand gives the tourists more opportunities to move in some of North Zealand's best scenery. The cultural-historical values lie close to the North Zealand landscape, and there are unique opportunities to connect them to mediation and transport. Some of Denmark's most visited castles are located in or just up to the National Park of the Kings of North Zealand.

Cycling and hiking trails

Veterantræf Grønnessegaard
North coast trail

Nordkyststien is a cycling and hiking trail that runs from Hundested to Helsingør. See nature changing along the route and experience the charm of each area.

On the 69 km long trip, you will pass unparalleled scenery and exciting cultural experiences. Experience, among other things, polar explorer Knud Rasmussen House , the old fishing village of Kikhavn, Troldeskoven, Heatherhill, Gilleleje, Hornbaek plantation, Hellebaek and Elsinore.

Landscape and castles & nbsp;
The landscape between Elsinore over Gribskov to Tisvildeleje, Liseleje, Gilleleje and down to Furesøen consists of farmland, large forests and lakes - as well as the dune coast and wide sandy beaches. < br />
From the Middle Ages there are remains of several castle buildings and monasteries in, among other things, Asserbo, Gurre, Esrum, Ebelholt og Dronningholm på Arrenæs. The landscape is in many places characterized by memories from the time when North Zealand was a hunting ground For the Danish kings.

Fredensborg Slot and Frederiksborg Slot is listed in the period when the hunt was a significant operating area in the royal house.

Kronborg Palace Hamlets Castle Elsinore is in turn listed to guard the entry to the sound.

The area is particularly suitable for cycling. There is a close network of cycle paths, most of which started as employment projects during World War II.